Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Knitting

Loooong weekend, hubby off from Thursday and doesn't go back until Wednesday! I've haven't had lot of time to knit, to managed to squeeze in a bit amongst doing a mega clear out of the kids rooms, we have swapped them all over so that the girls are in together and boyoh gets his own room. This meant a new cabin bed for him so that needed picking up and assembling without instructions (that was challenging to say the least!) Also decided that if Bea's old bed was to go in the garage then to make room that needed to be cleared out, so that got done. Then when clearing the rooms we needed even more storage space so it was decided (by DH) to clear out my wardrobe of excess clothes to make room. The charity shops are getting a nice delivery tomorrow!

In amongst this mammoth, almost impromptu spring clean my sister declared that for her birthday she would really like a pair of socks. So whilst I went with big girl in tow to the wool shop, DH decided he would let Bea clean our MacBook with a babywipe that she had previously been sucking, bye bye nice LCD screen and working keyboard. It's off to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store for a seeing to tomorrow. I'm no psychic but I foresee much expenditure on the horizon...

Back to the socks, I suppose in some roundabout way I could blame my sister for the wipe incident, if I hadn't have had to buy wool for her socks then I would have been here to prevent sucked babywipe incident, think I can bill her? Anyway again, back to the socks...decided to keep doing two at once magic loop style cuff down, but couldn't face round and round knit so opted for a very simple rib variation found a pattern called Chardade which uses Herringbone rib, which I'm following loosely.

You can't see the pattern very well with this yarn (Regia 4ply) but it's keeping me from going mad with knit knit knit. Need them finished by next Monday as that's her birthday.

Inbetween the socks I'm doing a little cushion cover for the girls' bedroom from some Sirdar Funky I got ages ago from a sale for 70p a ball. Only have a enough for one side of the cushion, but I have some nice fabric to back it with.

I nearly forgot!! Pictures of Bea's dress...


  1. Bea looks so cute! Love the colour. Very pretty dress.
    Love the cushion cover, I've got yarn that would be great, think I'll add that to my to do list.

  2. Oh. My. God. You *cleaned out the garage*? I'm impressed, nay, amazed. Well done you two.

    Lovely dress btw :)


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