Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bea's eye view.

So I'm uploading some pictures from the camera and find some interesting shots, all taken by little missy below and I though I would share. 
It's an interesting insight into the 3 year old psyche, what she must see, dream and think of her pocket-sized world. (Alternatively titled, what Bea was randomly pointing the camera at when she pressed the button)
Davina Bailey
Dust bunnies.
I think she maybe trying to tell me something about the level of cleaniness in this house, but I can't think what because my brush doesn't fit under there, what would she have me do, move it? Who does that?
I think this is to let her Dad know that when he Santa and his elves built her Little Tykes Princess Car (which this is) he didn't quite line up the eyes properly so they are a little bit sticky out, still.
No room.
I want to sit Mum, but all this crap TV remote, knitting and Dora wrapping paper is in my way.
"Sometimes Eeyore thought sadly to himself 'Why?' and sometimes he thought, 'Wherefore?'"
Obviously she had had enough of being on hold.
Prize winning 'Fruit in a blue bowl'
See that perspective, that's talent that, years of photography school unnecessary now. 
Although I think that may have been used that evening.
Little seen cereal in the bowl.
Captured for the first time, that moment before all the cereal in that bowl ends up on the floor after being kicked by the pink painted tootsies.

Fascinating, huh?
And I chose the best ones of the bunch.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bea's Shorts

So cute and so finished and so showing them off.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Craft, woman, craft!

I finally dragged down the HUGE and HEAVY transformer that is needed to run any UK appliances here in the US, well any appliance other than the Coffee Machine. The Coffee Machine blows the fuse everytime. Gutted, it was a nice Coffee Machine. I digress.
I got it down (it runs the 5 point surround sound thingy we brought over with us) so that I could get my sewing machine out. I have made a SECRET gift for my sister's birthday (ssssh, she might be reading) and so needed to sew the inside of this SECRET gift. Which, if you are reading Natalie, will unfortunately be a little very late for your birthday as it's not quite finished and so not posted and your birthday is in 4 days and there are also no planes allowed over to the UK. It's worth the wait (I hope).
Anyways, in Five Below the other day they had these denim rectangular cushions, not bad quality, very plump and they were 2 for $1 (yes 50 cents each!) I told the cashier "I can so cover these babies, go get me more" She showed very minimal interest in my excitement of this monumental find. I wanted to grab her by the scruff of her neck and shout, "do you know how much cushion inserts are, not 50 cents that's for sure. Don't you know I'm a Martha Stewart wannabe. Craft woman, craft!" 
Here are those there cushions:
And here's them there cushions covered. Envelope fold so I didn't have to faff with buttons or zips.
I have more to cover. My cushion addicted is officially resurrected.  

Monday, 5 April 2010

When things go wrong and others go right

So I got to knitting some socks for Kia, I wanted a challenge so chose a mosaic pattern from my Big Book Of Socks in purple and bluey Knitpicks Pallete.
This is how far I got (2 inches) before I realised that I had knitted the colour changes too tight and there was no way it would fit over my wee girls foot. And those 2 inches took ages of intense chart following, a furrowed brow and a few well chosen swear words.

It is now sitting in my knitting bag awaiting it's frogging fate.


I started this pattern, a pair of trousers for Bea. Don't know how I stumbled upon this blog with these gorgeously cute free patterns, probably via Ravelry, but I'm very glad I did. The trousers were a impulse knit, I spotted them at about 11pm one night and cast on straight away, I had just the right yarn, 10ply cotton hand-dyed from Artezan. Bea is going to have herself a wicked pair of play pants, or shorts depending on how long the yarn lasts. And they fit. Yes they fit!

#knittingsuccess #sofar

Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Dunlop's trip to DC

We all went on a road trip to Washington DC on Wednesday to Friday and here's how we rolled.

It's only a 3 and a bit hour trip, regardless I think I packed enough snacks to last around 5 days. We still had to stop at the first Starbucks though as a latte itch had to be scratched and the "are we there yets" started before we hit the I95. Got a lot of knitting of these troosers for Bea done though on the way, no driving for me!

Our hotel, The Helix (part of the Kimpton group) was lovely. Bright funky rooms with bunkbeds for the kids and a King for us. The bottom bunk was a double so room for both the girls.

On Wednesday we saw all the landmarks in DC, The White House, Capitol, Washington and Lincoln Memorials. We walked down every street twice. Got sunburnt, again.

Barack begged us to stay for tea, but we had to decline, 
things to do you know.

Cherry Blossom obscured Capitol Building

Mr Lincoln, sir.

We carried the buggy up them steps. 
All I could think about was Forrest Gump.

On Thursday we went to the Natural History, Air and Space and the American History Museums. We would have done all the museums (I wanted to) but it takes 3 kids eons to get around one.

This rock is really old, Bea is suspicious of this fact.

On Friday we really wanted to go to the Zoo, but with a really hot day predicted and it being Cherry Blossom week and Spring Break everyone else decided that was their plan too, parking was full in the lots and on the streets and having checked out of the Hotel we had the car and no where to put it. We had to give it a miss. Such a shame. So we drove home to beat hit the Easter traffic!

Lovely family break, lovely weather, lovely sites.


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