Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hot Fudge... comes the Judge there's a Green Card in the way,
The Holy Ghost and the whole East Coast Dunlop Family are moving to LA NJ

I think those Robbie Wiliams' lyrics just about cover it!

But for further clarification, yes we are moving to New Jersey in the big USofA
There is every chance this blog will contain more posts about our journey from confirmation of transfer for my husband (herein referred to as MrD) to getting Visa in hand to the big ship, than it will knitting as there is just far too much to do!

I won't deny that I'm slightly bricking it. I'm very excited, very scared and very aware of the enormity of shipping two adults and three children several thousand miles across the pond. We have a lovely lady in MrD's HR department that is now my guardian angel and will help me do stuff like find a house and school, basics, you know (!!)

I'm thanking my stars I don't have a house to sell/rent out because I think I would loose it, it's bad enough knowing that I'm going to have to sell the last 7 years worth of large purchases, no point taking anything electrical as I'm sure the Americans purposely decided against a 240volt system, just to annoy me in the future.

So as of 23/6 (which I will soon have to write 6/23) MrD's company are filing the forms for an L1 Visa for him and an L2 Visa for me, which will allow me to work should I want to (you can now disregard the below post about proper job, I won't be working anytime soon!)

Now we wait for those to be approved before we can take anymore steps...

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  1. Woohooo! That's great news! Take it one step at a time and you'll be fine, try not to let yourself freak out til you're over there. That's my advice anyway :)

    Very happy for you all, what an exciting time...


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