Tuesday, 7 July 2009

No news is no news

Still no further forward in our giant leap than the last time I blogged.
MrD's company seem to be a little too relaxed when it comes to communication, any communication. I was hoping to pop over to NJ and scout out some lovely places to live this weekend, but alas, the non communication kicked in and so it was too late to arrange.
So far all I have is lists and endless internet searches and also lots of people asking if I have any news yet. With the tight schedule we have I didn't think things would come to this screeching halt. Frustrating is not the word.
So anyhoo to relax and calm my overworked second-guessing mind I did some knitting but can't post pictures yet because I don't want to spoil surprises. The pieces are as yet unfinished as there is sewing involved, cutting and sewing of fabric and I tend to put that off until I think 'damn' this needs to be posted/wrapped/given to person like now, it's then I tend to do that bit!
Have I mentioned it's my birthday this month? No, well I had better do so then!
It's my birthday at the end of the month!
Whispers in the trees say I'm gonna be old.

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