Monday, 10 May 2010

Jai's 7th birthday

7 years ago out popped a 8lb 13oz baby boy 1 day past his due date. We screamed "it's a boy it's a boy, look he has a willy and everything"

7 years later and the boy wants a party to celebrate his birthday (and probably to get more presents) mummy is a tightwad (I should be the Scottish one in this relationship!) and refused to spend big $$ on a party at some jumping/bowling/robot place so we said we have the room let's have people over. You can invite a few friends from school, we'll invite the neighbours and you can have a Wii MarioKart party, with a racing tournament. I'll even get ickle trophies.
Note. Don't organise a Mario themed party unless you give yourself time to order supplies online. NO shops sell licensed Mario stuff. I had to buy fabric and make little drawstring party bags.
And make cake toppers. I did make a cake, but not this one. My cake sunk in the middle, stupid non-self raising flour.
The boys seemed to have a great time, playing the game, running around, wrestling, eating hotdogs and stuffing their faces with mini chocs. I think it was a success. I think Jai had a nice time, he certainly did well onthe gift and money front. (Note. remember thank you cards)

Then later when all the boys had gone home the neighbours stayed round and we cracked open the wine and had us a little poker session, you know to celebrate the stitches the boy gave me whilst shooting out after 2 hours of labour those 7 years ago! 
I won the jackpot, both in poker chips and in having a lovely, lovely son.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday my Big Big Baby Boy! 

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