Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bea's eye view.

So I'm uploading some pictures from the camera and find some interesting shots, all taken by little missy below and I though I would share. 
It's an interesting insight into the 3 year old psyche, what she must see, dream and think of her pocket-sized world. (Alternatively titled, what Bea was randomly pointing the camera at when she pressed the button)
Davina Bailey
Dust bunnies.
I think she maybe trying to tell me something about the level of cleaniness in this house, but I can't think what because my brush doesn't fit under there, what would she have me do, move it? Who does that?
I think this is to let her Dad know that when he Santa and his elves built her Little Tykes Princess Car (which this is) he didn't quite line up the eyes properly so they are a little bit sticky out, still.
No room.
I want to sit Mum, but all this crap TV remote, knitting and Dora wrapping paper is in my way.
"Sometimes Eeyore thought sadly to himself 'Why?' and sometimes he thought, 'Wherefore?'"
Obviously she had had enough of being on hold.
Prize winning 'Fruit in a blue bowl'
See that perspective, that's talent that, years of photography school unnecessary now. 
Although I think that may have been used that evening.
Little seen cereal in the bowl.
Captured for the first time, that moment before all the cereal in that bowl ends up on the floor after being kicked by the pink painted tootsies.

Fascinating, huh?
And I chose the best ones of the bunch.


  1. Bea's Eye View... love it, what you didn't know is that she tried to put the pizza cutter in her mouth, sharp side first!!

  2. I like that! Its funny what they want to take pictures of, should do it more often with all the kiddos. :)

  3. I think it's fascinating. Were most of the discarded pics of flat planes too?


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