Friday, 26 March 2010

Warning exercise can break you

I have broken my body.

To lose a few pounds that's all, maybe to tone up a bit, get a bit fitter.

That's all I want.

Back in the UK, for a brief time I did Body Jam, a class with my friend Julia. We went most Friday mornings for an hour. It was the first organised exercise class that either of us had set foot in since school. We enjoyed it. It was fun. Probably more so because neither of us was particularly good and there was a lot of giggling involved. We did sweat a little though.

Then we stopped going.

Then I moved here.

America has been a little harsh on my belly, so I started doing some Youtube cardio vids and some strength exercises, watching what I eat, calorie counting but not excessively. Personally I believe that running around after a 3 year old, trying to get 2 kids to the bus stop on time, cleaning a house = enough exercise, also knitting is exercise right, because you move your arms and fingers... but a little more doesn't hurt...BUT IT DOES.

I can't walk.

I have broken my calves from doing step ups, which I ingeniously stupidly thought would be a great idea. Sweat a bucket and tone your legs at the same time.

Exercise Fail.

What isn't a fail however is my friend Zan's new Yarn Store

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  1. Thank you for the warning. No step-ups or other exercise for me, because I love walking. And I need to be able to walk, because I don't have a car, or driver's license. and everything is too close to use a public transportation.


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