Monday, 29 March 2010

Jai's Jumper Photoshoot






This post was going to completely different. I had a wicked title and a poll all sorted because I really thought Jai's jumper (sweater) was going to be too small. 
Well it is a little on the snug side and could do with being a little longer, but it is no where near as small as I thought it was going to end up. 
So I'm chuffed, he's chuffed and we both chuffed (we didn't really, well maybe a little parp) during the ceremonial trying on.

Things to note:
  • He asked for the skull emblem.
  • He also insisted on the pictures where he rocks out.
  • He's a handsome wee devil though, isn't he, my boy?
  • He wants you all to know he will be 7 in 6 weeks. (and that makes me want to weep.)


  1. Rock on wee man Rock on! And Mumma keep rockin on yourself with those needles! Jumper looks great!

  2. Fab jumper, I love skulls! Looks like the young man likes it too.


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