Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Dunlop's trip to DC

We all went on a road trip to Washington DC on Wednesday to Friday and here's how we rolled.

It's only a 3 and a bit hour trip, regardless I think I packed enough snacks to last around 5 days. We still had to stop at the first Starbucks though as a latte itch had to be scratched and the "are we there yets" started before we hit the I95. Got a lot of knitting of these troosers for Bea done though on the way, no driving for me!

Our hotel, The Helix (part of the Kimpton group) was lovely. Bright funky rooms with bunkbeds for the kids and a King for us. The bottom bunk was a double so room for both the girls.

On Wednesday we saw all the landmarks in DC, The White House, Capitol, Washington and Lincoln Memorials. We walked down every street twice. Got sunburnt, again.

Barack begged us to stay for tea, but we had to decline, 
things to do you know.

Cherry Blossom obscured Capitol Building

Mr Lincoln, sir.

We carried the buggy up them steps. 
All I could think about was Forrest Gump.

On Thursday we went to the Natural History, Air and Space and the American History Museums. We would have done all the museums (I wanted to) but it takes 3 kids eons to get around one.

This rock is really old, Bea is suspicious of this fact.

On Friday we really wanted to go to the Zoo, but with a really hot day predicted and it being Cherry Blossom week and Spring Break everyone else decided that was their plan too, parking was full in the lots and on the streets and having checked out of the Hotel we had the car and no where to put it. We had to give it a miss. Such a shame. So we drove home to beat hit the Easter traffic!

Lovely family break, lovely weather, lovely sites.

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