Monday, 5 April 2010

When things go wrong and others go right

So I got to knitting some socks for Kia, I wanted a challenge so chose a mosaic pattern from my Big Book Of Socks in purple and bluey Knitpicks Pallete.
This is how far I got (2 inches) before I realised that I had knitted the colour changes too tight and there was no way it would fit over my wee girls foot. And those 2 inches took ages of intense chart following, a furrowed brow and a few well chosen swear words.

It is now sitting in my knitting bag awaiting it's frogging fate.


I started this pattern, a pair of trousers for Bea. Don't know how I stumbled upon this blog with these gorgeously cute free patterns, probably via Ravelry, but I'm very glad I did. The trousers were a impulse knit, I spotted them at about 11pm one night and cast on straight away, I had just the right yarn, 10ply cotton hand-dyed from Artezan. Bea is going to have herself a wicked pair of play pants, or shorts depending on how long the yarn lasts. And they fit. Yes they fit!

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  1. I know how you fell. I've done the too tight color knitting socks thing too. Sigh.


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