Friday, 16 April 2010

Craft, woman, craft!

I finally dragged down the HUGE and HEAVY transformer that is needed to run any UK appliances here in the US, well any appliance other than the Coffee Machine. The Coffee Machine blows the fuse everytime. Gutted, it was a nice Coffee Machine. I digress.
I got it down (it runs the 5 point surround sound thingy we brought over with us) so that I could get my sewing machine out. I have made a SECRET gift for my sister's birthday (ssssh, she might be reading) and so needed to sew the inside of this SECRET gift. Which, if you are reading Natalie, will unfortunately be a little very late for your birthday as it's not quite finished and so not posted and your birthday is in 4 days and there are also no planes allowed over to the UK. It's worth the wait (I hope).
Anyways, in Five Below the other day they had these denim rectangular cushions, not bad quality, very plump and they were 2 for $1 (yes 50 cents each!) I told the cashier "I can so cover these babies, go get me more" She showed very minimal interest in my excitement of this monumental find. I wanted to grab her by the scruff of her neck and shout, "do you know how much cushion inserts are, not 50 cents that's for sure. Don't you know I'm a Martha Stewart wannabe. Craft woman, craft!" 
Here are those there cushions:
And here's them there cushions covered. Envelope fold so I didn't have to faff with buttons or zips.
I have more to cover. My cushion addicted is officially resurrected.  

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