Thursday, 28 May 2009

Goodbye oh so lovely bag

Be good to your new owner, she really deserves you,
Carry her wears without fuss or strain,
Adorn her arm with lustre and wows of "where did you buy that",
Let her eyes gaze with wonderment upon your beautiful lining and seams that are magical.
But let her brow not furrow at your maker's poor sewing skills,
Let her eyes brush over those sewing flaws,
Be sure her mobile phone fits the wee pocket you have inside you,
But most of all bring her joy and birthday wishes.


  1. Such a beautiful bag and lovely words!! I know just how hard you worked on it - and how cool the bag is - she will love it (I also know how hard it will be for you to see it go!!!) My little knitting genius xxx

  2. thats turned out reeally lovely! With the linning that you used to the wee flower and pretty butterflies! :) Beautiful job!

  3. This bag is beautiful, knitting has always eluded me! I want one!!


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