Saturday, 9 May 2009

In memory of my Great-Grandma

My Great-Grandma was a lovely woman, she lived with my Grandparents but had her own little living room and kitchen and when we went to visit I would go to her first and we would spend hours playing cards. She taught me many, many card games, but we played Rummy the most, we had long, long, score sheets that we added to every weekend we went there.
I kind of remember her knitting and have vague memories of her showing me how, and I do remember a cream Aran cardigan she made me with brown toggle buttons. I don't remember her crocheting though, I'm trying to but I can't. Maybe it's because when I did see her it was all about the cards, unless the Snooker was on, she was a big fan of Snooker!
I told my Grandparents a few months go about me knitting now and they dug out all her old needles and my Mum mentioned recently that I had started to teach myself crochet, so they have dug out all of her crochet stuff too. All old crochet threads and some hooks.
This is what I came away with today:

In amongst the thread were some samples of my Great-Grandma's work. It's so beautiful.

She died in her early 90's when I was about 17 and I miss her terribly still.
I hope she doesn't mind me using her things, I'm sure she wouldn't, I will put them to good use. I feel like having a game or two of Rummy tonight in her memory.

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  1. Those are lovely pieces. Far from minding, I should think she'd be thrilled to know her cottons wer in such good hands. Thank you for sharing.


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