Thursday, 7 May 2009

Well that perked me up

I was feeling quite grumpy this morning, kids were being annoying, PMT kicked in, miserable day of grey skies ahead and then this lot arrives:

New edition of my Knitting mag and the half a ton of wool that I ordered on Tuesday!
Look at all that lovely woolage/yarnage however you prefer to call your balls/skeins!
I love those sorbet colours, they are going to work so well in a bag I'm doing as a present. But not only are the colours and textures delicious but, and this is usually the thing that pricks my ears, is the cost of that lot. Less then £25 (incP&P) for all that above (minus mag) and more not in the picture! 2 lots of bag handles and a monster crochet hook (for that aforementioned t-shirt yarn down there, just below, see?) I thought that was extremely barginous!

So I've cheered up a bit now. Well until tomorrow when my baby boy turns 6 and I ponder all day on where the time has gone, and it's only been 5 mins since I did that pregnancy test, let alone gave birth to him.


  1. Where do you buy your wool etc C?


  2. lovely colours, I'm sure they will be a delight to knit with.

  3. Gayle, this particular order came from they have some great prices for simple wool. If I want something special then I tend to go to a shop. I tend to buy what I like the look off and find a pattern to go with it later :D


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