Monday, 18 May 2009

That's where I'm at

Lots of things in the mixing pot at the moment.
Two different Bags of Choice, taken from Simply Knitting Mag, one apple green with butterflies and a flower and the other coffee coloured and lacy. I want to get some silky green fabric with butterflies on it for the green bag and I'm thinking burnt orange for the coffee coloured bag to add contrast, what do you think?
Both are for gifts so keep stum about them ok?

An I-cord tied cabled and bobbled cushion cover
(it's gonna take foooooooooooorever)

I also cast on for Ivy because I've had the wool for ages and want to get started on it but need to finish other stuff first!

That's where I'm at!

On a completely non knitting front, wasn't the finale of LOST brilliant! Although it does mean no Sawyer until 2010. I will have to console myself in Season 5 of House (when did it become 'Season', I'm sure we used to say 'Series' have UK progammes adopted the US 'Season' aswell?) But before I can watch it on Sky1 I need to see Season 4. The DVD on its way from Amazon, should be here tomorrow, that gives me 13 days to watch it. Completely do able. Will mean 13 straight days of Hugh Laurie. Shame.
Bea's pleased! Or should that be Russell Brand.

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  1. Great looking knitting. I am sure the bags will be greatly appreciated! :) Wonderful to have your very own RB lookie like at home amusement at every turn. hehe... Have a great day!


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