Friday, 1 May 2009

Mucking about and trying out

The same lovely lady I mentioned in my last post (@knittingnews) tweeted a site that gave tutorials on recycling household things for re-crafting. This site actually:
I had to give the recycled t-shirt yarn a go straight away.
I have yet to actually make it into anything, but the thought is there.

Then I came across this... adventures-with-old-jeans.html
Now I want to cut up jeans.

Following knitting peeps on Twitter is such a great way of coming across patterns and tips that you would never find yourself. There are some great knitter-twitters out there.

On the needles front...
Although I'm not good at having too many projects on the go, I have started another cushion before finishing the last one. Well the last one (big softie brown one) is finished in terms of the knitting side it just needs to be sewn up. If I do the other cushions I want to do for the sofa first then I can sew them en mass, can't I? Well that's the excuse I literally just thought of.

I'm really pushing the limits of my skills with this new cushion though.
Cables, and bobbles and it's bigger at 40x40cm
Will I survive?? Will it take weeks?? Will I get bored and put it away and start something else?
(More than likely, I have such a limited concentration span)

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  1. Beware the allure of recycling clothing! I have bags and bags of "projects" to tackle (I shop at thrift stores A LOT!).
    Nice site, glad you tweeted about your delivery of goodies. :)


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