Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A few weeks ago I bought Let's Knit magazine, they were giving away free wool, not particularly nice wool, but free none-the-less. They had some cute patterns inside and a lovely little purse with bobbles. I knitted it up the day I bought the mag, lined it and thought "I'll get a zip next time I'm in town". However my ickle purse needed a size 10cm zip (although the pattern asked for 15cm, but my gauge was smaller) and the shops around here only started at 15cm (the pattern writer may have been aware of zip availability!)

So eBay came good, although it did mean I ended up with 10 zips for the price I would have paid for 1 in a shop. Anyhoo, so I finally sewed in the zip today. I was always planning on this being a Mother's Day present, but over the last few days I had an urge to make my own pattern for a little coin purse and do that instead, but we are now on Tuesday and Mother's Day is Sunday, I have no suitable wool in my stash (shock horror, need to rectify that!) so I have reverted to plan A, the already done purse.

I admit it was the first time I have EVER sewn in a zip, and I know it should probably be the other way round. Sewing is not my forte although I want to get better, practice...perfect and all that. Here it is btw:

While I'm on it the Knitting Bag is so very, very nearly finished, I'm just finishing the handles then I have to line it and sew it all up and glue the remaining stitched to the needles. I can't wait to see the finished article.

It's been 13 degrees and sunny in these parts over the last few days, so Hubby's scarf is hibernating! Just like this wee ickle tiny Dormouse!

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