Monday, 23 March 2009

Next Project

Had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday, thanks to my lovely hubby and beautiful children. Flowers, cards, a book, chocs and a gorgeous teddy bear. I was bought the new Jodi Pilcot one, looking forward to starting that now that I've finished P.S I Love You.
I practised some cable knitting at the weekend by doing this dishcloth.
I'm not sure I completely understood the instructions. The T5B line reads:
T5B is worked over the next 5 stitches and is done as follows:
1. Slip 4 stitches onto CN and hold in back.
2. Knit 1 (from left needle).
3. Move the Knit stitch (it's on the far right) from CN to the left needle.
4. Purl 3 from CN.
5. Knit 1 (from left needle).
Note: In Step #3, you might find it easier to move that Knit stitch from CN to your right needle, and then transfer that stitch to your left needle.

But to me that leaves a stitch on the Cable Needle and after much frustration and unpicking the row again and again I decided to try different ways of using the 5 stitches and the CN to see how it worked. Here is the very messy result:

I'll keep at it, cable knitting isn't as scary as I imagined.

I won some fabulous pink cotton on eBay yesterday and the seller is over this way today and so is dropping it off! Result double-fold! 9 balls for only £5 and I get it today!
I have a definite project in mind for it, a nice vest top for moi which will be my first attempt at an adult sized garment.
Also ordered various bits and pieces online so awaiting that (nasty 7 day delivery, boo hiss) and have decided on this little dress for Bea.

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  1. Hi - I saw that you linked to my Violet Dress pattern for you daughter, Bea. The little girl in the pictures is my daughter, who is also named Bea, and is also two (she is one in those pics). So it's a perfect dress for a little Bea - I hope you enjoy making it.


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