Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Postie delivered my new batch of wool yesterday, ordered after my horrific discovery of a low stash level. Here's a snippet of each ball, a varied selection, most of which was on sale. Thinking of a cushion cover with the Big Softie, Bag with the Bigga (yes, another one, and??), some kind of wrap cardie with the Patons wool and the dress I've been harping on about for Bea with the RK luxury (ooh err, lucky her) cotton. Obviously I have more than one ball of each, cos that would be stoopid!

Started on my Vest top and it's coming along quickly and looking gooooood despite a few little errors and YO issue!
The lace pattern is looking sweet, but requires concentration, which in my world isn't easily achieved without shushing kids, squinting, furrowing my brow and sticking out my tongue. Oh that reminds me, Hubby's recent observation says I move my mouth up and down when knitting, he sniggered, thanks, now I'm going to be all self conscious and will be concentrating on non-mouth movements rather than tricky lace patterns!

One more x20 rounds of lace to go before some k1 p1 rib.

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