Monday, 9 March 2009

So recently I've been having a moan about lack of time, regardless of the fact that I'm a SAHM I can't fit in all the things I want to do. So what do I do? I start a blog!

I spend a fair amount of time on the puter anyway so I thought I may aswell show off my latest masterpieces/disasters and share techniques and hopefully in time patterns too.
I've only just started knitting again after years of abstinence, but I've gone back to it with a vengence and have become slightly obsessed. I'm far from an expert but I love discovering new (to me) stitch patterns, yarns and can spend hours trailing through patterns on Ravelry.

I have three projects on the go at the moment, Hubby wanted a scarf, Spring is hopefully just around the corner and now he wants a scarf, a chunky scarf. So scarf I am making as I'm nice like that. Double stranding two shades of brown, I cast on 35 stitches on 8mm needles. Slipping the first stitch and working in k3, p3 rib knitting the last stitch. It's working up quickly, going to need two more balls though if it's to be long enough.

I also have a pair of fingerless gloves on the go for my friend. I knit myself a pair of these recently and she would like some too. I'm doing these two at once magic loop styley. I lurve magic loop, I have banished DPNs to the bottom of the needle pile.

And I'm also knitting Knitting Needle Bag. Only just started this, I adore the berry pattern. I was intending for this to be a present, but um, I may not go through with that!

Pictures to follow...

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