Monday, 30 March 2009

I am so close to finishing my vest top it's scandalous!
Here it is just after I shaped the arm holes.

And here is me knitting, thrilling picture I know but I love it cos it makes me look like a busty lady, I am not a bust lady!

That's my lovely iPhone beside me, I've found the StitchMinder app extremely useful for counting rows, before I used pen and paper, those now little known tools, but I'm a modern techy girl and knitting has gone all digital! Actually a man I know once said to me knitting is very much like Binary Code, all 1s and 0s, my knowledge limits actually understanding that one iota!!
A closer look at that app and my shiney toy.

By my next blog I will have finished and be wearing that vest. Actually sod next blog, by tonight I will have finished it!!

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  1. ooo I want of those....better get the iphone first!


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