Thursday, 12 March 2009

Just a quickie...

I've come to a halt with Hubby's scarf, need to go to town for more wool, but it does mean I can keep on with the bag. Clickety Click.

I finished my friend's gloves yesterday and they were greatly received and now have another commission for a pair! I will make sure I take pictures of the stages this time, of two at once magic loop, because it really it so fast and not as fiddly as you might expect.

I have definitely decided that the Knitting Needle bag is mine, all mine! So I need a quick bag pattern to do in time for Mother's Day. I did do this one for myself recently and use it daily:

I could just do the same again, but I always like to try something different, we'll see how time treats me, because that bag knitted up in two hours, the lining, however, took longer as a whizz with the sewing machine I am not!

Off to trawl Ravelry and other knitting sites/blogs for inspiration...

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